Reflexology with Alena

Alena’s training is as a holistic therapist, acknowledging the role that emotion, body and spirit can play in maintaining good health. Alena’s focus in a treatment is on supporting your own body’s healing ability. The feet are seen as a way to access and stimulate this process.

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Alena’s practice

Reflexology is a complementary therapy based on the belief that the entire body is mirrored within the feet. Stored emotions, trauma and mind states are likewise believed to be mirrored in these places. By working on the feet, reflexology thus seeks to access and bring healing to any of these aspects within the body. Alena can also use the hands and the head for treatments, which provide alternative avenues ‘into’ the body.

The best results from reflexology come from treating the person as a whole, rather than focusing on treating the symptoms themselves. The symptom is seen only as a result of a physical, energetic or emotional imbalance.

Alena’s approach is very intuitive as well as she tailors the treatment to each individual’s needs based on the initial consultation and visual and tactile foot examination. She uses wide variety of relaxation and reflex techniques and adjusts the pressure to the person’s need. Alena also uses reiki healing in the treatments where it is needed.

Alena uses high quality organic body lotions for the treatments. You will have a choice from several different scents.

“Alena is an intuitive practitioner. She has a calm, welcoming presence and is excellent at targeting specific areas that need help. I’m a ballet dancer/teacher so my legs work hard throughout the week. Alena’s reflexology sessions help take away that heavy, sore, post-exercise feeling. I feel more at ease and movements become fluid and less arduous after a session with her. I highly recommend Alena…” N.K. 2022

‘…. Alena has a far reaching sensitivity and a deep sincerity that create an atmosphere where healing can take place’ K.N. 2009 (Art Therapist)

Reflexology supporting conception

To be able to help couples on their conception journey with reflexology is such wonderful experience and I am very honoured to be offering this support.

Reflexology for conception aims to be deeply relaxing as well as to optimise your health and encourage your wellbeing. I am using reflexology techniques designed for different phases of the menstrual cycle, with focus on supporting the areas on the feet linked to the reproductive system as well as stimulating and balancing the reflexes linked to the hormonal sphere. I am also very happy to support couples through IVF.

As part of the session I offer general lifestyle advice and basic dietary advice too.

I have trained with Sally Earlam.

Trained by Sally Earlam

Maternity Reflexology

Guiding through the maternity and paternity journey is such an honour for the practitioner. I have completed an advanced training in Maternity Reflexology with Sally Earlaam in May 2021.

” I am very grateful for Alena who has supported me through two pregnancies with reflexology. She creates a safe environment where her caring manner and expertise allow you to tune into your body and restore” Sarah 2022

Reflexology and mindfulness

Mindfulness meditation and practice is based on Buddhist techniques which aim to achieve a relaxed, non-judgemental awareness of thoughts, feelings, emotions and the sensations of the body. Being more mindful could be also described as having better control over our attention. Mindfulness can be practiced during any activity be it meditation practice, walking, washing-up or at work…Benefits of mindfulness include being better able to cope with stresses of everyday life, improved sleep and ability to relax, better concentration and decision making, promotes kindness towards yourself and others…Research findings from 8-week mindfulness course available on NHS show significant improvements in:

Trained by Sally Earlam

*sexual difficulties
*immune function
*feelings of well-being
During reflexology sessions I encourage my clients to focus on their breath and the body sensations without making any judgements. Reflexology itself helps with bringing the awareness towards the body, thus getting out of our heads and staying present with ourselves in the moment, which is powerful mindfulness practice. I am happy to support clients with finding their individual simple exercises of practicing mindfulness everyday at home. I have recently trained in ‘Mindful Reflexology-Supporting stress, anxiety and depression.’

Benefits of treatment

Most people find reflexology extremely relaxing. Some go to sleep, others find they gain spontaneous insight (or images) relevant to their lives and health. Reflexology has a reputation for:

• Reducing stress and the consequences of stress
• Encouraging the clearing of emotional and physical congestion
• Relieving tensions and consequences of tensions
• Deep relaxation and the healing state this induces
• Increasing body awareness and general sense of well-being

Reflexology researcher A.J. Mc Vicar has found reflexology profoundly reduced the anxiety ‘state’. The reduction was consistent with ‘an increased feeling of ease and a reduction in anxiety’.

The application of caring human touch is therapeutic on its own. In the hands of a skilled practitioner, your own process of healing can be greatly supported and stimulated.

‘Thanks to Alena’s treatment, not only my health started improving but it also inspired me in becoming a reflexologist myself and acquire this great knowledge of improving peoples lives through reflexology.’
Hasnaa R. August 2012

The history of the feet for healing therapy

The first evidence of healing methods using the feet has been found in a script from the Yellow Emperor from the 3rd millenium BC. Ancient Egyptian wall paintings in the tomb of a physician named Ankhmahor (2330 BC) suggest that massaging the feet therapeutically may well have been part of a physician’s skills. In the ancient practice of Ayurveda in India ‘marma’ points on the feet are used therapeutically, whilst in America, the Cherokee tribe (amongst others) have a tradition of working with the feet for promoting healing.

Today’s modern refelexology has developed from the research and practice of American doctor William Fitzgerald and his student physiotherapist Eunice Ingham. It is not fully known where Dr. Fitzgerald developed his interest, but he is thought to have taken inspiriation from Native American tribes and from further medical training in Austria. Eunice Ingham developed the form of pressure techniques on the foot practiced today as reflexology, though practitioners today recognise that there are a number different therapeutic models to work from.

Coming back to earth

Our lack of physical contact with the earth (not least because of shoes and concrete!) may mean that we loose the constant reflection that the relationship between our feet and the ground give us. One only has to try walking barefoot to experience how much more we are able to be aware of our body when our feet are in contact with the ground.

Alena believes that the lack of contact with the earth mirrors our lack of contact with our true selves. It is therefore not surprising that a common experience of people following a treatment is of a sense of being more in their bodies and more in touch with their emotions. She believes that deepening their physical and emotional awarness is the essential step to wellbeing.

‘I can’t believe how different I feel. I have been reminded of my calm core.’  C.S. August 2013

Alena Standova

Alena Standova is a passionate therapist. She trained with the Maitri foundation, completing the training in early 2009. Alena also completed Reiki 2 in August 2011 and Shiatsu Foundation Course. Alena is a member of  British Complementary Medicine Association (BCMA) and works under a code of professional ethics and accountability.

British Complementary Medicine Association

Alena is also an organic and biodynamic horticulturalist and designs and tends her medicinal herb garden alongside running her practice as a therapist.


Alena can be contacted on 07896 361 766

Treatments are available in Stroud at St.Luke’s Therapy Centre

on Thursdays and Ruskin Apothecary on most Mondays 


Initial session including initial consultation (90min) £60

Follow-up (60 min) £50

Optional 90 min follow-up  ( including also head & face and/or hand reflexology ) £75

Cancellations: Please kindly give at least 48 hour notice of a cancellation. Cancellations less than 24 hours will be charged for full.

If you develop flu or cold-like symptoms please let me know to cancel your appointment. It will be more beneficial for you to receive reflexology treatment when your body is not fighting an acute illness.

Alena also runs Reflexology workshops

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