Booking and Prices

To book an appointment, please contact us through the contact form here. Please be aware that there is often a waiting list for full consultations. As a rough guide, anything requiring treatment over a month will probably require a full consultation for you to get the best out of the herbal medicine.

Consultations by appointment:

• Full Consultation (1½-2 hours) £55-£90 (sliding scale)

• Short appointments* and short follow ups (20 min) £10-£30 (sliding scale – though if not already registered with us we ask for a payment of £30 for a first session to include new-patient registration)

• Children’s consultation (40min) £25

All medicines are the highest quality available using Organic, Biodynamic or Local Wild Harvested herbs, freshly tinctured wherever possible. Medicine prices are a generally around £7-£8 per week. We aim to keep medicine prices at or below typical retail prices whilst often offering higher quality, freshness and vitality. Once you are registered with us and have been given a prescription, repeat prescriptions can be requested by email or text message and picked up from the Apothecary.


*Short appointments are only suitable for simple health issues (coughs/colds/short term anxiety etc) and for the prescription of ‘over-the-counter’ type medicines (such as adaptogenic tonics, liver bitters and anxiolytic blends).