(1) What to expect

What to expect

A first session typically lasts about an hour and a half. In the first half hour of this I will generally take a case history, so that I am up to speed with the more ‘medical’ aspects of your story.

Following this, we start to explore together the history and story around and behind your illness. In a reasonably proportion of people, we unearth some really important realisations in this first session, though for others it can take longer to piece together the jigsaw. This process of exploration continues through all the work we do and the picture becomes clearer and clearer as we go.

For those comfortable and familiar with bodywork, some of this session may be done on the futon or massage couch, where I am experienced in gentle bodywork with the intention of leading you into listening to your own body.

When I started practising I trained to develop a high level of sensitivity to help me see what was going on for people. I now use this same skill not to tell you what I see, but rather to guide you into seeing it yourself. This is far more powerful, since I find that once people have really experienced an aspect of their body and feeling world directly, they quickly realise the significance and truth of what they experienced. This having been realised, they can then make conscious choices about their response to their body and thus choose to create health.

The important point here is that as long as something is not conscious, you are not empowered to do anything about it. Once you become aware of it, a whole process of healing can start, with you in the driving seat.

Extending this metaphor, I sit in the passenger seat giving you a healing nudge every so often, but the path and destination is very much down to you.

Generally in a first session I will introduce you to one plant and we will navigate the terrain opened by that plant together.

After the first consultation, we spend more time working with your body directly, unlocking it’s stories and finding the doorways for creating health.