Weeds in the Heart exhibition at Ruskin Mill

Garlic-paint-edit(1)We are pleased to put on our first combined exhibition including text from the book in progress and Fiona’s paintings. We are expecting to publish the first volume (Spring) of ‘Weeds in the Heart’ around the middle of 2014.

We chose this title Weeds in the Heart as a homage to both the sacred plants around us commonly perceived as ‘weeds as well as our belief that those perceived ‘weeds’ of our psyche, the dark places within us that we hide from and deny, are also the pathways to our deepest healing.

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  1. Weeds in the Heart | seeds and spokes Says:

    […] we went to Ruskin Mill, Nailsworth (near Stroud), to see the Weeds in the Heart exhibition. Described as –  “Plant lore, intuition and healing, magical symbolism and […]

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