Firstly, I would recommend you do your own research – to search for yourself, type ‘Phytotherapy’ into Pubmed. For a specific herb, type the first part of the latin name (e.g. Curcuma). Last time I checked there were over 20,000 research papers related to herbal medicine available.

For a slightly easier route into looking at research try Herbmed, who have 20 of their monographs publically available.

PLEASE NOTE: There is extensive information about research under the INFO tab.

I’ve put some links below to give you a taster of some of the positive emerging research there is concerning herbs.

You will find many of the reviews end with ‘herb has great potential and some good evidence of efficacy, but more research needed’. This is is case with much herbal medicine, and I feel it is just a matter of time for the well designed trials to accumulate useful results.

You may also frequently find ‘there is insufficient evidence to recommend….’ It’s important to realise that this doesn’t mean something is ineffective, simply that there not have enough good quality research data to satisfy the statistical models for medical research. It would perhaps be clearer it they stated ‘there is not yet sufficient evidence….’ !

Such data will take decades to accumulate – Medical Herbalists operate by combining the valuable evidence base of traditional knowledge, experience and research which is available.