Healing research

Research: So far several tens of papers have been published concerning therapeutic touch/reiki – a very small quantity, but an interesting start. Area’s investigated include anxiety, relaxation, muscle tension, wound recovery and on reducing pain. By the way, if anyone reading is in a position to develop research projects related to healing I’d love to be involved! Some¬†interesting links to research relating to spiritual healing:


  • Heartmath have a good collection of research links. In my clinic I sometimes assess Heart Rate Variability as a biofeedback device for help bring people into their heart consciousness.Neurofeedback and the impact of alpha/theta brainwave states. There is a huge emerging field around this, of which the ‘Peniston Protocol’ was one of the first approaches. This protocol was geared towards rehab. for addicts (with great success), but touches on a more universal self-healing response. During 2010 I am training in using Neurofeedback in my practice, and will be offering this therapeutically from 2011 onwards.
  • A good article on past lives and relevance in therapy/healing. From my point of view I maintain an open opinion of these and rarely if ever actively go seeking information that people may recognise as having past-life qualities. However, this information does sometimes surface during treatment and if so I may support you in exploring it. This is often as a body memory or emotional resonance with a visual or kinaesthetic story attached to it. The great thing working with past lives is that it makes absolutely no difference if you believe in them or not – when you hit one of your own, it has a power that is undeniable, wherever it comes from! For those who don’t believe in them they can be seen as a highly charged and personal symbolic narratives touching on archetypal human themes. ‘Past lives’ is easier to say tough…..