Healing – remembering wholeness

For those exploring the meaning of living soulfully and truthfully, I’ll say a little of my own journey into healing, and how this expresses itself in the sessions I offer:

The question ‘why?’

Whilst studying for a degree in chemistry, I found the intricate detail that science has uncovered fascinating. In bio-molecular medicine, the step by step process of disease progression can often be mapped molecule by molecule. However, whatever the incredible degree of detail the scientific approach has given us, it rarely if ever asks or answers the question ‘why?’. It is one thing to undersand the biochemistry of asthma, and another to try to uncover the emotional and spiritual history that may lie behind it. This craving to go deeper led me to the study of naturopathic medicine, healing and the development of a personal meditation and mindfulness practice.

My spiritual teachers

My greatest teachings come from twenty years of deepening into Buddhism, immersion in nature and committed relationships. I recognise Amma, Osho and Ram Dass (amongst many others) as brilliant guides along my path.

For me the main themes that emerge from Buddhist practice are a sense of profound stillness, expansiveness and interconnectedness, and the ability to access the qualities of love, compassion and beauty more fully. Mindfulness practice gives me great tools for willingly moving into fear and challenging situations.  I live as close to nature as possible, and continual learn from the cycles, rhythms and interconnectedness that she reveals.  Committed relationship (to place and people) offers me perhaps the finest opportunity for the hidden parts of the ego to surface and be revealed.

One of my greatest challenges has been to learn and be grateful for the destructive power of depression and moderate a deep culturally trained reductionist rationalism (which would too soon draw straight lines without ever understanding the nature of the edges).

How this reflects in practice

This is my personal reflection on what is actually happening during a healing session.

Through the ‘jewel’ of the Buddha, I hold my consciousness steady to the qualities of love and compassion, and to the extent that I am able, acknowledge and welcome these qualities into the space we are working in.

As the room and both of us become stiller, the qualities of harmony, groundedness and centredness become apparent, and that in you which is craving for greater harmony finds a safe structure in which to reflect itself. The space within the room allows those ‘issues’ or fears which are ripe to emerge a safe and supportive space to do so. (This is important, I don’t believe in going digging for history, I trust that what needs to emerge will. It is also worth saying that the ‘issue’ may simply be remembering what it is to be at peace)

Like a stagnant pool of water exposed to a fresh stream, the consciousness of the moment gently clears and restores the pool. That stagnant pool is simply the fear we have locked away within us, often in part of the body, which is why gentle bodywork, touch and physical support can really potentise this process.

It is not ‘me doing healing’. Rather, my ability to step out of the way, to compassionately witness what emerges, and to hold that which emerges with love does, in some gentle way, offer a hand for people to hold on the road of healing.

The plants are crucial to this process in that their particular consciousness can not only reveal areas that need resolution/healing (diagnosis), but can support you in the process of healing. The plants become a companion in your own journey.

Healing is not curing, though it can be. Rather it offers the possibility of an enriching and deepening of your soul life, a deeper embodiment and greater ability to be awake, present and receptive to the world around us. It offers the possibility of moving from fear of illness to to the offer it gives of growth and initiation.

In charging for session, it is for my time and the infrastructure of the Apothecary that you contribute towards. The healing itself is free, and is available for you to open your heart to at any time should you wish to reconnect to it. (The consciousness that allows healing is always there, always nearby, and I sometimes think my role in this is simply to help remind people how to connect to it when they have forgotten)